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Never miss out on a sweet deal again with Floordle! React to the market and get ahead of the curve.


Get your NFT portfolio in a glance, know your assets and how much you’re worth.


Connect as many wallets as you want. Manage and track your NFT collection easier and more efficient

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With Floordle, you can track prices, get portfolio analytics, connect multiple wallets, and create watchlists.

We empower you with data so you can navigate more easily in this market.


Price Floor

Get all the data on your collections


Get valuable insights on your portfolio so you can always buy low and sell high.

Sync between wallets

Keep your NFTs in multiple wallets and sync the data between them. All in a completely safe environment.


Create watchlists and never miss out an opportunity.


Get notified about market events and stay ahead of the curve.


Weekly summary on your portfolio.


Pricing to fit your needs.

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